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Contract Price Table in Sap Mm

Contract Price Table in SAP MM: A Guide for Buyers and Suppliers

For buyers and suppliers alike, managing contracts is a crucial component of supply chain management. SAP MM (Materials Management) offers a powerful tool for tracking and managing contracts, including the Contract Price Table. In this article, we’ll explore the basics of the Contract Price Table in SAP MM and how it can help streamline the contract management process for your business.

What is the Contract Price Table?

In SAP MM, the Contract Price Table is a central repository for contract-related information, including the prices agreed upon for goods and services, delivery dates, and any other relevant terms and conditions. The table is typically linked to a specific purchase agreement or contract, and can be accessed by both buyers and suppliers to track the status of the contract.

Why is the Contract Price Table important?

For buyers, the Contract Price Table provides a centralized location to manage all aspects of a contract, from initial negotiations to final delivery. This can help to streamline the procurement process, reduce errors, and ensure that all parties are aware of the key terms and conditions.

For suppliers, the Contract Price Table can help to ensure that they are paid the correct amount for goods and services, and that they are aware of any pricing changes or adjustments. This can help to prevent disputes and improve the overall relationship between the supplier and buyer.

Key features of the Contract Price Table

The Contract Price Table in SAP MM typically includes the following information:

– Contract number and description

– Vendor (supplier) information

– Material or service description

– Quantity and unit of measure

– Contract price and currency

– Validity period (start and end date)

– Delivery dates and transportation details

– Payment terms and conditions

– Status (e.g. active, expired, cancelled)

How to use the Contract Price Table

To use the Contract Price Table in SAP MM, you will need to have a valid purchase agreement or contract in place. Once this is established, you can create a new contract in the system and input the relevant information into the Contract Price Table.

From there, you can track the status of the contract, make updates or adjustments as needed, and monitor delivery and payment schedules. The Contract Price Table can also be used to generate reports and analytics on contract performance, such as compliance with pricing and delivery requirements.

Tips for effective use of the Contract Price Table

To make the most of the Contract Price Table in SAP MM, it’s important to follow these best practices:

– Ensure that all contract-related information is entered accurately and timely

– Regularly review and update the Contract Price Table as needed

– Use the Contract Price Table to track performance against key contract terms and conditions

– Maintain open communication with suppliers to avoid misunderstandings or disputes

– Monitor contract compliance and resolve any issues promptly


The Contract Price Table in SAP MM is a powerful tool for managing contracts and tracking performance against key terms and conditions. By understanding how this tool works and following best practices for effective use, buyers and suppliers can streamline the contract management process and improve their overall supply chain performance.

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